• Concierto – Xaia (Behobie) 14/12/18

    Concierto – Xaia (Behobie) 14/12/18

    Nuestro primer concierto, en Xaia en Behobie.

  • Amuni DUB version

    Amuni DUB version

      Una version DUB de Amuni en youtube.

  • Un Munnu Dintra Un Munnu

    Un Munnu Dintra Un Munnu

    Un Munnu Dintra Un Munnu by Maribop

  • About Maribop

    About Maribop

    Maribop is a collaboration between two musicians from very different backgrounds, very different cultures, with different influences, who speak different languages, who together produce a very different kind of music, a new fusion of rhythm and melody that calls on and echoes elements from across the world. Meet maribop, meditteranean dub noir. Featuring the voice of…

  • Francesco Giglio

    Francesco Giglio

    I was born in Palermo, Sicily. My debut in the music world took place in early 1990 on the n º 4 bus which then connected the two sides of the city and which brought me to school. There, every morning, with a guitarist friend, we would give short performances to the assembled students, workers and early morning commuters. A few months…

  • Peter Walsh

    Peter Walsh

    My musical education began in earnest in 1981 when I was 11, when my cousin gave me a copy of One Step Beyond by Madness and music became a virtual obsession for me thereafter. Two Tone and The Specials were (and still are) my magnetic north although I continue to explore the world of music…