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Delicious and timeless. Reminds me of Jacques Brel and Vegas era Sinatra at the same time. There’s something so richly 50’s Americana about this…

Francesco Giglio has such a good vocal delivery, comes across like a lot of good singers rolled into one…



Maribop is a collaboration between two musicians from very different backgrounds, very different cultures, with different influences, who speak different languages, who together produce a very different kind of music, a new fusion of rhythm and melody that calls on and echoes elements from across the world. Meet maribop, mediterranean dub noir. Featuring the voice of Francesco Giglio from Palermo, Sicily and the music of Peter Walsh from Dublin, Ireland.

Francesco Giglio

Born in Palermo, Sicily, Francesco Giglio’s debut in the music world took place in early 1990 on the no.4 bus which then connected the two sides of the city and which brought him to school. There, every morning, with a guitarist friend, they would give short performances to the assembled students, workers and early morning commuters. A few months later he joined a band and performed for the next two and a half years in local areas. When the band broke up, in the company of the same guitarist with which he began, they formed a duo busking through the streets of several towns and also in various pubs. This experience was very important, it gave him the opportunity to learn more about his voice and the audience. At this time he wrote a lot, thoughts in verse. After they called it a day, he performed with several bands over the years. The style was invariably the same, rock & blues, until he finally decided to embark on a new more personal project.

Peter Walsh

Known as Wally by friends, Peter Walsh was born in Dublin and moved to the Basque Country in 2005 where he now lives with his family. He became passionate about music from the age of 11 and became an avid record collector, DJ and band member over the next 10 years. He has released some instrumental music, first as JAVA on Dublin’s Ultramack label in 1998 and later as Dublingo in 2015 & 2017. He started working with Francesco Giglio in 2014 on a project that would become Maribop.

Passiata – single – 2023

Kisses From A Star – single – 2023

Bihotza – single – 2023

Bihotza (radio edit) – 2023

Munriali – 2023

Debut EP 2015

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