Peter Walsh

Java single on Ultramack from 1998
Java single on Ultramack from 1998

My musical education began in earnest in 1981 when I was 11, when my cousin gave me a copy of One Step Beyond by Madness and music became a virtual obsession for me thereafter. Two Tone and The Specials were (and still are) my magnetic north although I continue to explore the world of music in search of the elusive blue note.

As a spotty teenager I moved from record collecting on to DJing at the local youth club discos to forming pirate radio stations with a handful of idealistic and passionate school-friends. Someone suggested forming a band and I found myself composing bass-lines and melodies on a mini keyboard as my first band ‘Hey Presto’ started to materialise.

Short lived but fondly remembered, Presto made way for a move on to more “serious” but less exciting work with next project, the aptly-named ‘The Secret’. Despite some half-decent tunes, our influences hovered too heavy, we couldn’t manage to complete a line-up and with energy sapped we never really made it out of the bedroom.

I downed tools for a break, did some travelling, some radio and sound engineering at a small Dublin studio and in the mid nineties started writing some stuff alone which almost made it to an album with Dublin label Ultramack, but did at least result in a 7″ single Prelude/Javalanche released in 1998.

dublingo Moodles#1 EP released on Bandcamp in 2015
dublingo Moodles#1 EP released on Bandcamp in 2015

Another sabbatical ensued while I formed a web design company with some friends and then moved to The Basque Country with the missus to be.

I still found myself tinkering with tunes old and new, put some out in 2015 as ‘Dublingo’ and could be found DJing in some local bars when a chance conversation with Francesco Giglio revealed that we were both in the same boat, writers in search of a collaborator. We started to work on some of Francesco’s tunes and soon realised that despite our very different backgrounds and influences, we complimented each other very well.

We both had a lot of curiosity about what the other was bringing to the table, Francesco’s Mediterranean, north African and eastern European influences were an exotic cocktail to spice up my lounge-laden dub noir.